Add Favicon to Your BlogSpot Blogs?

When ever we discuss about Blog graphical beautiness which makes blog branding, we must give priority Favicon as an important part.Through BlogSpot, we have to edit our template to show favicon in our blog.

Couple of days back ago, BlogSpot dashboard added a new feature to upload Favicon file directly.Now you can directly upload Favicon file to your BlogSpot blog from your BlogSpot dashboard via gadget widget.

How to Add Favicon to Your BlogSpot Blog?

Let's have a look how to setup this:Follow below instruction
Login to your BlogSpot dashboard and click on layout (left).Click on Edit below of Favicon and then click on choose file, browse your Favicon file and click on save. Now your BlogSpot blog is live with new stylish Favicon.
how to upload Favicon to your blogspot blog Tutorial

Keep In mind that your favicon should be less than 100 KB And Must be square in shape.

add favicon into your blogspot blog

Recently blogger added an option to optimize BlogSpot blogs for search engine and now quickest way to integrate Favicon into BlogSpot blog. Now you can optimize your blog site for more traffic and ranking.This Tutorial Advanced SEO Optimization of BlogSpot Blogs would help you more to get blogspot blog seo score.

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