Blogspot SEO : How to Use Google Webmasters Tool For SEO?

Blogger is one of the most prefferable  free blog platform for newbie which everyone loves. By default, your blog is not much Search Engine friendly. Below information might help you to use webmaster tool to get better crawled and further get better ranking.

Optimize Your Blog Using Webmater Tool

1)Go to Google Webmasters Tool Following this url .Sign in And Get Into Dashboard.

2)Click on Add a site and enter your blog URL

3)By default you don't have verify your site ownership because using blospot you already done this.

4) Go to Webmaster Dashboard –> Fetch Site As Google And Render Try To fetch each of your blog post..

5) Go to Sitemap –> Add A Sitemap Into Box,Use  “feeds/posts/default”

If this doesn’t work, try “atom.xml?redirect=false”

6)test robots.txt file and check all are ok?

7)you Can create also sitemap using many online tools for your blog.Then input that sitemap here.

Blogspot SEO takes much will have to write good quality content for on page seo.try to get more high pr backlinks from differet site using white seo tactics.You Can read This article : Killer Blogspot SEO Tips And Tricks.

Keep writing more article and get ranking on search engine.
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